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Sound File:  The Ugly Sounds of an Actual Spanking.

Reader Feedback: Listener Responses to "The Ugly Sounds of an Actual Spanking" soundfile 01/22/2011  


Guest EssayOpen Letter to Roy Lessin, author of "Spanking: Why, When, How."  By Beth Fenimore.

Beth Fenimore grew up in the congregation where prospank author Roy Lessin preached.  Her parents followed Lessin's advice on child discipline to the letter. Beth was even spanked once by Roy's wife Charlene while being babysat.  In this open letter, Ms. Fenimore confronts Lessin with the harm his methods caused her.  9/20/2005

 "No matter what facial expression I had, 
my eyes seemed to show my anxiety. 
Looking at this photo now, I feel deeply sad."
-Beth Fenimore
Reader responses to Open Letter to Roy Lessin.  11/12/2012

Book Review: "Spanking: Why, When, How" by Roy Lessin

Letter:  "Now Shall We Listen To A Real Spanking?"  response to National Public Radio's segment, "New-Age Child Rearing and the 'S' Word." 11/11/2009

Book Review:  "Child Training Tips: What I Wish I Knew When My Children Were Young," by Reb Bradley."   02/28/2010

Book Review:  Beating the Devil Out of Them: Corporal Punishment in American Families and its Effect on Children, by Murray Straus & Denise Donnelly 07/29/2004

Essay:  Spanking and Slavery: Parallel Justifications  05/12/2004

Essay:  Did God Make Buttocks For Spanking?  04/22/2004

Essay:  Prospank Misuse of Hebrews 12  12/19/2003

Poem:  An Online Spanking Debate in Rhymed Couplets  05/04/04

Essay:  Spanking: What Would Jesus Do?   05/04/04

Essay:  "It Never Did ME Any Harm!!!"  12/1/2002

Dialogue:  Does Any Published, Peer-reviewed, Research Evidence Exist of Any Form of Measurable Long-Term Benefit to Children From Spanking? -- An exchange of views between a prospanker and an antispanker  (unsurprising answer: no, none, not a scrap) 2/8/2003

Book Review: "No Fear: A Police Officer's Perspective" by Robert Surgenor  04/14/2001

            Part Two: U.S. Juvenile Crime is Falling, Not Rising

            Part Three: National Crime Statistics are Accurate and Contradict Surgenor's Claims

            Part Four: Juvenile Crime is on the Decline Even in Surgenor's Home District

            Part Five: Surgenor's Own "Research" Fails to Withstand Critical Scrutiny

Commentary:  Space Station Mir and the Prospank Paradigm  03/23/2001

Essay:  Does A Lack of Paddling Cause School Shootings?  01/14/2006

Essay:  Spanking, Spousal Abuse, and Genital Mutilation   03/05/2001

Feature: Corporal Punishment Exclusion Language in U.S. State Statutes 06/19/2004

Image: A Bus Bench Advertisement in Little Rock, Arkansas

Book Review: "Lots of Love and a Spanking" by Jamie Pritchett

Essay:  Non-punitive Child Discipline with a poem by Vanessa 08/29/2001

Feature:  How To Argue Like A Prospanker

Book Review:  "The Strong-Willed Child" by James Dobson

Essay:  The Origins of Spanking Fetishes: A Testable Hypothesis

            Reader Responses to "The Origins of Spanking Fetishes: A Testable Hypothesis 6/10/2016 

Essay:  Pagan Origins of Pro-Child-Beating Proverbs

Letter:  Toddler Street Safety Without Spanking

Post:  "Oscar The Orange":  A Non-punitive Approach To Toddler Street Safety

Review:   "Spanking Makes A Comeback" (A Propaganda Non-News "Story" From the Wall St. Journal) 02/22/05

Book Review:  "Creative Correction: Extraordinary Ideas for Everyday Discipline" by Lisa Whelchel 04/13/2009


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"When we hear someone speak dispassionately about having been spanked as a child, when we hear 'I was spanked and I'm fine!' say something like 'That's terrible' or 'You really suffered'.  It may be the first time they have received empathy for being assaulted when young. And if they receive empathy for what they themselves suffered, they in turn will be more able to empathize with other children." - Susan Lawrence``  

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